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Entry for October 13, 2007

Lava Beds National Monument

We went up here during the first week of Simon's Fall Break.  It was beautiful.  Caves, Modoc battlefields and wide-open spaces.  The trip was full of adventure...a major dust storm that closed down a highway...a major rainstorm that lasted all night...lots of miles and lots of smiles.  Our van kept us dust-free and dry.  Unfortunately the engine leaked quite a bit of water at night.  Head gaskets couldn't keep the seal when the aluminum heads contracted during the cold nights.  Ran great during the day, thank goodness.  We went up into Oregon...Klamath Falls, and spent nights in Castle Crags, Whiskeytown, and here. 

2007-10-13 15:46:46 GMT
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Bobby told me how to get to your web page - great pictures on your sites. Your band looks like a bunch of fun guys! Do you remember when we took a trip north and camped at Castle Crags park. I have some pictures of that trip. Denise
2009-04-11 01:40:15 GMT