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Entry for February 19, 2007

Ghost Rider!

Yesterday was a big day for Simon and I.  He went to the movies for the very first time without me.  He must have asked me 20 times to come with him and his friend, Jake, to see Ghost Rider.  I told him he was 12 and could do this...he knew how to go to the movies, and could handle it...don't be scared.  I told him it would give him a huge feeling of independence, and confidence when he was done.  I pulled up in front of the movies, let them out and drove away.  Geez, was I right about this!  He came out a different person, I could see it in him!  He brushed it off like it was no big deal...Perfect!...he grew a lot yesterday.

2007-02-19 15:16:41 GMT